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About us:

University YMCA® (The University of Hong Kong), as known as Uni-Y® (HKU), was founded in 2013. As a strategic partner of HKU Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS) and a student organisation affiliated to Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, Uni-Y (HKU) strives to shape students into future leaders with strong adaptability, creative insights and passion for serving the society through an array of distinguished local and overseas learning experiences. Being a member of the University & College YMCA network across 8 tertiary institutions in Hong Kong, Uni-Y (HKU) is also committed to providing different kinds of joint university events and programmes for HKU students.


About the 7th Student Executive Committee - Serendipity (Session 2020-2021)

“Serendipity” describes the occurrence of finding something joyful and beneficial without any expectations. This word is inextricably linked with volunteerism that allows you to discover the wonder of simple acts of kindness that have a ripple effect in changing the lives of the people around us. Together let us work together to discover the "secret gem of happiness" in volunteerism, making the world a better place.

Our programmes mainly focus on the following three core areas: 

1. Global Citizenship: To broaden members' horizons and nurture them into responsible global citizens through study and service trips

2. Community Engagement: To raise members' awareness and understanding of social issues and promote their concern for the disadvantaged through voluntary services and activities related to social issues

3. Christian Action: To spread the Christian teachings and facilitate members to become humble servant leaders through diversified experiences


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