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Mission & Aims

In accord with the University motto,  "Sapientia et Virtus", and embracing YMCA’s mission, "To serve, not to be served", University YMCA® (HKU) emphasizes on fostering students' physical, mental and spiritual development and strives to nurture young leaders by aiming to:

1. enhance their leadership;
2. enrich their global outlook; 
3. encourage and empower them to serve the society; and
4. enable them to put their beliefs into practice.


The 3rd Student Executive Committee: Parhelion                                                                   


Ryecatcher is originated from the book, "The Catcher in the Rye", where the main character wants to catch innocent children from falling off a cliff and provide directions to guide them the right path. It symbolizes our desire to gather and lead passionate teenagers and to serve the needy together. Moreover, the name also represents our passion of sharing the importance of serving others and evoking resonance among the society.

The Student Executive Comittee is composed of five main working committees:

1. Global Vision Committee: Aims to broaden students' global outlook and nurture them into responsible global citizens

2. Social Awareness Committee: Strives to develop students' leadership through raising their awareness of social issues and promote their social justice advocacy

3. Social Concern Committee: Endeavors to promote students' interests in social issues and concern for different service groups and foster their passion for community services

4. Personal Development Committee: Attempts to enhance students' self-awareness and empower them to recognize their potential, set goals, reflect on achievements and develop positive values

5. Christian Action Committee: Spreads Christian teachings and guides students to be humble servant leaders